What are the Blood Clots I See During My Period?

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hi I'm doctor Miller with women's care

Florida if you are one of the many women

who notice blood clots during your

period good news is you don't have to

panic the recent blood clots form is

when blood pools in the vagina or the

uterus it does what blood typically does

when it's not in the body which is form

a clot and this might be the stringy or

the jelly-like substances you pass

during your period when you see blood

classes can be an indication that your

periods are relatively heavy and this

might be abnormal so it is a good idea

to see your OBGYN evaluation might

entail an ultrasound physical exam as

well as hormonal tests to see what could

be the cause there are many hormonal non

hormonal surgical and non-surgical

treatments that can be tailored to your