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welcome to tomahawk DIY we're gonna take

a look at this Maytag Gemini oven it's a

double oven that's the upper and lower

and we've got a problem with the lower

element and see the upper element heats

just fine the lower element is not

working it's really easy to repair into

place we'll go ahead and show you how

all right so we've lid this around away

from the wall we're gonna go ahead and

unplug our power I always want to make

sure you're being safe when you're

working on things with the electricity

the first step to moving this element is

simply undoing a couple screws here now

once you have these undo unscrewed you

want to be tempted to try to pull this

thing out but the wires are still

connected in the back so we've got to go

to the back next to disconnect the wires

and then this is where we access that

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