Tattooing 101-How To Relieve Tattoo Itching

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hello everyone daniel yuck here thank

you all for tuning in today i appreciate

you today i would like to dive in and

show you all how i go about relieving

itching from fresh tattoos now within

this video if you see or hear anything

that you may have questions on please

i'm going to encourage you to drop a

comment down below and i'm going to do

my absolute best to assist you in the

best possible direction with that being

said let's go ahead and dive straight on

into this

so itching is completely normal during

the healing stages of a tattoo no matter

if it's a smaller tattoo or a larger

tattoo we're gonna experience some sort

of itching i personally have on all of

my tattoos the bigger the tattoo the

more itching i've experienced and it is

because the body is healing itself the