Why Is My Nose Tip So Wide? | Dr. Angela Sturm

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why is my nose tip so wide usually this

is just the way that you're made so it

can be genetics it could be trauma if

you've had trauma to your nose but most

of the time with the people I see it's

just genetics and also your skin can be

a bit thicker making the nose tip look a

bit whiter how wide should the tip of

your nose be so by the textbooks if you

take a line from the inside part of your

brow and you draw it down in a nice

curve down your nose should be right in

line with the Curve down from your brow

you should also have the nose can be

divided into thirds from from the

outside to the tip is about a third

across the tip is about a third and to

the other outside or the Ayla is about a

third this is by textbook there are a

lot of things that we're not necessarily

taking into consideration when writing

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