Why Is Clear Fluid Dripping From My Nose? | This Morning

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jean is on the phone now hi Jean hi

higher so nose problems yes for the last

eight months

clear water dripping from my nails and

I've seen drops and they've given me

several sprays and they don't work he

referred me to a surgeon and then the

surgery called me and said that the

surgeon asked me to use becca knees and

atrovent twice a day and using these

five times a day I find it's worse when

I eat is now referred me back to the

surgeon but that is only in the new year

and I've added live come the internet

and it says it could be brain fluid and

I'm very worried okay all right let's

see what I like to say the most likely

thing here is that it's called allergic

rhinitis so that's when you've got

inflammation if you're lining of your

nose because of an allergy and that's