How to Increase WiFi speed on Netgear Nighthawk Routers up to 1300 Mbps

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hi everyone today I'm gonna show you how

to get the maximum possible speed from

your net gear nighthawk router I'm gonna

use this Nighthawk xxs router as an

example but it actually works for all

net your routers basically you can use

my tips for other brands too all routers

have similar settings and features so

let's start with the wireless adapter

settings right click the network icon

select network and Internet settings

select Wi-Fi and click change adapter

options double click your Wi-Fi adapter

and here's our Wi-Fi connection speed

which is far below the claimed speed

let's check the 5 gigahertz band it's

better but we can get more click

properties configure and then appeared

window select Advanced tab make sure

that the wireless mode is set the door

band with all supported standards if