Netflix How To Change Account Language - Netflix Language Settings Change Account Spanish English

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hey guys in this video gonna be showing

you how you can change the language that

is associated with a Netflix account or

the profile that's on a Netflix account

so for this example I'm gonna show you

how to do it on roku but i'll also

attempt to explain how to do it on

desktop as well at netflix comm so we're

gonna launch the Netflix application and

it might take you right to the profile

selection page and if that's the case

you can just go down and click the

little pencil that's below your profile

when you click OK on that then you can

go down and select language and then you

can pick which language that you want to

have set on your account now if it

doesn't take you directly to the profile

selection option and it's simply on your

Netflix page with all the content then

you need to find where your little icon

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