Why does my mouth get dry when I sleep?

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when you sleep at night your brain knows

you'll not be eating at the same time so

in order to conserve energy your brain

shuts down saliva production that's a

problem when it comes to dry mouth as

well as fresh breath because saliva is

nature's way of keeping your breath

fresh saliva has oxygen compounds in it

oxygen is the natural enemy of the

anaerobic bacteria so for the seven or

eight hours that you're sleeping you

actually have no natural protection

against bad breath so you wake up in the

morning and out comes the dragon we

actually did a research study several

years ago here in our clinic in Los

Angeles and we had about a hundred

people show up in their pajamas and

nightgowns and we had them use the

TheraBreath formulas and we used a

machine called a Halla meter which

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