Mean Mom

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There are people in our lives that make us feel safe, and loved, and respected.

And then, for some of us out there, there are people in our lives that are supposed

to make us safe, and loved and respected, but the don’t do their job.

My entire life I've had a wonderful father, who has made so many sacrifices for me, and

taking care of me so that I could have a better future.

Unfortunately,  I can't say the same about my mother.

From a young age, I was always ridiculed, teased, and taunted by mom,

and whenever I did something wrong, I wasn’t properly sat down and disciplined, I was yelled at, and

smacked even sometimes.

I grew up with very low self esteem because my mom would say things like,

“you’re terrible, I don’t like you, I don’t love you at all, I think that you’re a big burden

to this family, what sin could I have possibly committed to have you as a kid”.

And she thought that all of these words would just brush over, and I would realize that

she someone didn't mean them.

But she said them so many times that I don’t think she doesn’t believe them. In fact

I’m quite sure that she means everything she says, and as a result, it has lowered

my self esteem and my self worth, and it has made me do things like cutting, and

inflicting self harm.

As a young adult, even now, I suffer with this. Of course I stopped inflicting self harm,

but I have struggled with my self worth so much, whenever I look into the mirror,

I can’t see a girl that I love and appreciate, I can’t see somebody that is strong and independent

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