iPhone 7/ 7 Plus Microphone Not Working! Fix [iOS 15]

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hi everybody welcome back to the channel

so today's video we're going to talk

about microphone it's not working on an

iphone 7 or 7 plus now microphone is one

of the important things that should work

flawlessly having issues with your

microphone can lead you to the very

difficult situation with that microphone

you cannot talk to anybody you cannot

send a voice sms or you can't even use

siri okay now the question is how to

solve this issue

so as you guys can see now it's working

completely fine without even having


now before you move to the further just

try to check whether it is a hardware

issues or software related issues now to

check whether it is harder issues or not

the first things that you can do you

simply can try to record something by

Unable to open file!