Do You Have a Slow or Fast Metabolism? Here's How to Calculate Your Metabolic Score

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well I think we can all agree that we've

seen people's metabolism slow down right

yeah my mom is in her mid 80s she's very

healthy and active but she says she has

to eat less and less and less because

she feels that her metabolism it doesn't

have to be the case the proof is in the

pudding I'll say no pun intended on show

but you can see through our community

that individuals that have had weight

issues all of their lives

have now a fast metabolism and you

actually use food to burn fat that's the

problem that's why I call this a

revolution right is the problem is the

diet industry has told us to eat less

it's actually about eating more of the

strategic foods to actually increase

your rate of burn the metabolism is all

based on micronutrients which comes from

one place and one place only our food so