How do I stop my cat meowing

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so hi there so and one of the other

questions was how do I stop my cat

meowing and please help and it cats me

out for a sort of a multitude of reasons

sometimes they are meowing because they

want something or they're just trying to

communicate with you so I wouldn't stop

them from potentially doing that but

lots of interaction with him or her

would be good lots of playing with him

or her again trying to sort of and bring

the outside inside so cat grass lots of

sort of sensory stimulation as well so

maybe having an open window with with

grates on it's as they've got a little

bit of the outside air coming in and so

that you know because obviously the

outside environment is changing all the

time so it's a good idea obviously to

change their toys and a daily basis as

well and such like but and it may well

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