How To Stop Your Cat Spraying Indoors | Blue Cross

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hi I'm Kari cats are very clean and

usually keep all their toileting to the

litter tray or garden so it might

concern you if your cat starts praying

or soiling in the house an older cat

might not like bad weather or might not

be able to use the cat flap anymore

because of their joints fear is

something outside like a neighborhood

dog another cat or traffic sometimes

cats mark their territory when their

owners are away and leave a stranger to

care for them they usually do the deed

on something that smells strongly of

their owners like a duvet litter trays

being too dirty to clean containing the

wrong type of litter or being in an area

that's too loud or busy can all have an

effect on your cat a new cat in the

house can cause distress and

redecorating and building works changes