Apple Mail Misidentifying Junk Mail? 📫 WATCH THIS!

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hey folks so someone with a profile name

of Warren gh left a comment on my video

from last week which if you happen to

have missed it was all about my top 5

tricks for Apple Mail now Warren's

comment was the following and I am

slightly paraphrasing here

thank you for your videos David I always

look forward to watching them whenever I

get a notification Thank You Warren for

subscribing I'd like to request a

tutorial about how to stop Apple Mail

from miss identifying junk I've tried

various settings but it's still

incorrectly identifies stuff that I've

subscribed to great question Warren and

when I read that comment I thought it

would be a perfect topic for a short

video so if your Apple Mail program just

doesn't get you then be sure to stay

tuned because I'm gonna show you how to