How to Fix a MacBook that Won’t Charge

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Hi this is Phil from Make Tech Easier and welcome to How to fix a Macbook that

won't charge. The Apple MagSafe charger is an example of genius engineering.

Using magnets to secure a connection between the Macbook and the charger

prevents potentially catastrophic accidents, not to mention the satisfying

snap that occurs when the power cable connects to the charging port. However on

occasion your Macbook simply refuses to charge. Before you start screaming

expletives and yanking your hair out in frustration try these potential fixes.

Rule out display issues. If your Mac is plugged in but doesn't appear to turn on

don't panic. First things first - you'll want to rule out your Mac's display as

the source of the issue. To be sure you're not having a display problem,

there are a few things to look out for. If your Mac is receiving power you

should notice one of the following after turning it on. Startup chime, noise from

the fan or hard drive, light coming from the sleep LED (if your Mac has one),

pressing the caps lock key on the keyboard causes it to light up. Rule out

basic power issues. It's safe to say that if you're reading this you've ruled out

your Mac's display as the culprit. This next step may seem obvious but you're

going to want to make sure everything is plugged in properly. To do so work

through the following steps, checking to see if your Mac charges and powers up

after each step. Double-check and ensure your Mac's charger is plugged securely

into the wall outlet. To check if the wall outlet is working plug in another

electrical device. If the wall outlet is working and you continue to have no