Mac is Stuck on Apple Logo or Progress Bar. Try This!

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if your mac is stuck on the loading

screen or the apple logo there's

multiple different things you could try

it's happening to mine actually but i

fixed this problem previously with

another computer so i wanted to show you

exactly what to do in a simple

step-by-step process there's an obvious

solution that sometimes solves this

problem but if you've waited long enough

on the screen what you could do is grab

the power button on your mac and press

and hold it for 10 seconds now this will

fully shut down your max stopping the

restart process

but then if you wait a little bit like a

few seconds and then restart it again by

pressing the power button sometimes this

does solve the problem in my case this

has not yet solved the problem so we'll

go to step two now step two is related

Unable to open file!