What Causes Numb Toes- An Indianapolis Podiatrist Discusses This Condition

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hello this is dr. Scott Gilbert the

video footage here with another video

for you in all things foot and ankle

today I'm going to talk about the

various different causes of why you

would get numbness in your toes many

people experience these symptoms but are

often at a loss as to why they occur one

common misperception is that numb toes

as a result of poor circulation going

into the the foot of the leg or even the

toe itself and that's simply not true

numbness is a sign of disease of nerves

and not necessarily a disease of

circulation going into the foot so I'm

going to go ahead and start talking

about the various different causes of

numb toes kind of starting with some

very specific locations of where you can

experience that numbness and then expand

that beyond to numbness that may involve