Why Are My Leyland Cypress Trees Turning Brown And What Can I Do About It

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Leyland cypress trees make excellent

privacy screens they're thick of bushy

and a grow fast that grows many is four

to six feet per year once their roots

are established and since they're

evergreens they continued to provide

privacy during the winter months when

your deciduous trees loss their leaves

but if you've grown Leyland cypress

trees or if you're growing them now

you'll notice that at times some of

their limbs turn brown there are five

main reasons this happens and we're

gonna discuss those reasons with you and

tell you what you can do about it in

this video okay we have a mature Leyland

cypress tree here that's been on the

property for about 18 years

what we have going on here is you'll see

there's some browning of the needles

starting from the inside working their