Why Your Citrus Trees Are Losing Leaves And How To Fix It

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hey guys welcome to another episode of

plant Fanatics today we're going to be

talking about citrus trees so stay tuned

today we're in my greenhouse and I want

to talk about one of the most common

questions that I'm asked about citrus

trees and it's why are they defoliating

in the winter and that's a really good

question I actually made a video about

this in the past but uh some people are

having a hard time finding it because

it's so far back so I want to go over

this again so right here next to me is

my almost nine-year-old lemon tree that

I started from seed and you can see it's

actually doing pretty well you can see

in some of my other videos that it's

actually defoliated in the past and the

reason this one is not defoliating I've

done a lot of experimentation with this

and this one is not defoliating because

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