Why is My Arm Throbbing?

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hi this Dr. Centeno and today we're going to  talk about why is my arm throbbing and I'm going  

to teach you that this is really a warning sign  that you need to pay attention to so does your  

arm feel like it's throbbing or tight and can  you see these little pulsations and the muscles  

sometimes or little areas that jump around kind of  randomly to understand why all this is happening  

you have to first understand that your muscles  get instructions from the nerves in your neck  

and when those nerves are irritated the arm can  throb or feel tight and the muscles themselves  

can jump now contrary to popular belief sometimes  the only symptom of irritated neck nerves is this  

tightness or throbbing or twitching or jumping  in the muscles many patients really don't have  

much neck pain and you have to look at this  issue as the warning sign that it is because  

it may portend much bigger neck problems down  the line they're going to take you out of what  

you enjoy doing and or this may cause problems  in the arm like shredded tendons that can lead  

to golfer's elbow and tennis elbow and treating  these small things before they blow up to become  

big problems is the goal of the Regenexx proactive  program teaching you how to recognize these little  

warning signs and in this case we would use a  precise minimally invasive injection of the growth  

factors isolated from your own blood platelets to  solve this issue and to prevent it from blowing  

up into a huge problem later on so to find out  more about staying active as you age by using  

this advanced technology and learning about these  warning signs go to Regenexx come forward slash  

proactive for more information and we'll teach  you all about thanks so much and have a great day