Windows 10 laptop screen stuck extremely dim, brightness control ignored

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in today's video I got a HP Envy 15

that's running a risin 320 300 you in

this particular one look there here we

can faintly see the start bar like the

back lights dead we have a look over

here you can just faintly see it that it

is there yeah yeah and I'm scratching my

head trying to figure this one out

I've updated the drivers which then

briefly got it going for a short period

of time so what I've done from there is

dug a bit further and found this

particular issue with it we have a look

on the main screen over here we could

easily see by going into settings trying

it there to focus for you I'm sorry

device manager so right now this screen

here that we're looking at it's

connected up via HDMI and the brightness

of its independently controlled once

we're here we want to go into monitors

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