What is Runner’s Knee | Pain in knee when walking | Runners Knee Pain

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so we're talking about the

patellofemoral joint the kneecap joint

between the kneecap itself and this

little groove that it rides in at the

end of the thighbone this is a joint

that can give people a lot of problems

and there's a lot of ailments that can

affect this joint the thing to

understand about this is this is a very

high-stress joint the cartilage coating

in this joint is some of the thickest

cartilage of any joint in the body and

the reason for that is is that this

joint has some of the highest stress on

it of every joint any joint in the body

the quadriceps muscles the muscles in

the front of the thigh attached to your

quadriceps tendon that goes through your

patella or your kneecap and then

attaches down on to the shin bone down

in through here those are very strong