how to fix a key stuck in the ignition

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hey guys welcome to up in unite video so

today we're going to address some of

those cars that when you turn the key

off and you can't get it out and the

cars in park as you see so you're like

what the heck is going on here well

there's a couple things you need to

check on this happened to me on several

cars this one was brought to me this is

on 801 Volvo c70 and as you see it stops

just before the off position where you

can pull the key out so it won't do

anything no matter what you do go back

and forth put your foot on the brake

come back in to do the gears and on this

ride one of the things you want to look

for let's see where you show you is your

button right there and you want to make

sure because a lot of times you'll put

it in park and the button to stay like

right where it's at and it won't come