How to fix the Juul if it's not hitting - Solved

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all right hello everybody this is a

quick video for people who have the

jewel and it won't fire so it's a quick

solution so you take the pot out you

want to use something like this to get

the battery up okay this little piece of


pull it out mmm now when your battery or

when it's not pulling what's usually

wrong is this rubber piece is filled

with juice and then so you you got to

take it off okay and then you want to

clean that clean out all the juice in

here and across these things and then

the trick is to kind of push these down

make sure to wipe all the juice in here

alright and you want to put this back on

once you are done cleaning

mmm all right now here's where it gets

tricky so stay with me so you want to

put your pod back in the jewel put it