Is Your Jaw UNBALANCED - Uneven Jaw: Causes, Treatments (MUST KNOW)

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today we're talking about four ways that

you can tell whether or not your jaw is

contributing to your postural imbalance

and when we talk about the jaw we refer

to the temporal mandibular joint so if

you take your fingers and position them

right here and open your mouth

you'll feel a bone pop out that's the

condyle that's your temporal mandibular

joint now the condyle sits in the fossa

and in between the two you'll find the

meniscus now what's really important is

that when you open your mouth the

movement of this condyle needs to rotate

forward and down if there is an

asymmetry of tension in either one of

those joints this could potentially

create an imbalance with your posture so

you're ready let's jump into the first


test number one is what i call the three

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