How to Fix iPhone Stuck in Zoom Mode/Unlock iPhone in Zoom Mode

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Zoom is a helpful feature hidden in the accessibility settings on your iPhone,

which magnifies the entire screen so you can view everything more clearly when you need to.

However, for most of us who rarely use it,

it could be triggered accidentally without our knowledge,

then we’ll run into situations like this:

It went into zoom mode on the lock screen,

and you can't invoke the keyboard to enter the passcode.

Or you can see the keyboard,

but apparently you can’t enter the passcode properly like this.

Some users got this when the device is unlocked,

but have no idea how to zoom it out.

Not to worry, in most cases this is not even an issue,

just you are unaware of the way to turn it off.

In this video I’ll show you 6 different ways to bring your phone back to normal,

additionally, I’ll show you how to disabled this zoom screen feature so it won’t happen again.

Let’s dive right in!

First, we should assume there’s no glitch related to this,

just the zoom feature enabled and then invoked by a gesture like this.

Yes, it’s this simple, all you need to do is double tap on the screen with three fingers,

both zoom in and zoom out share this same gesture.

Now we can unlock the screen with the passcode.