How To Stop your Email from Showing Up in iMessage on your iPhone

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so I ran into an issue recently while

using an iPhone I decided to set up my I

messages on my macbook pro now the idea

being that if you set that up

anytime someone texts you through I

message which is anyone with an iPhone

for the most part you can actually

respond to them from your desktop

computer with the real keyboard and all

of that fun stuff

so I set it up but it started to work

but there was an issue every time now

that someone got a text message from me

that was using iMessage it now showed my

email address instead of my contact name

in their phone my phone number etc then

if I didn't have iMessage is enabled and

it set a text message say for example I

had bad service or they didn't have

signal and instead of text it would show

up as a completely different thread so