How to Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo or Boot Loop (No Data Loss) - 2023

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Hello guys, welcome back to the Tenorshare Channel.

As you can tell, my iPhone is stuck in a boot loop now,

it happened after I updated it to the latest ios over the air.

It's not the first time I run into this,

so I do have experience of how to fix it.

Here I’d like to share these tricks with your guys.

Let’s dive in!

In case there’s no computer or laptop near you,

I’d like to show you how to use the force restart.

For iPhone 12, is press and quickly release the volume up button,

then press and quickly release the volume down,

then press and hold the side button,

let it go when the apple logo reappears.

It’s highly unlikely this could work,

but before you go with any other options,

this is always free and worth a shot.

OK, it doesn’t seem to work.

Let’s move on to the next one.

Update or reinstall iOS with iTunes.

Once open it, plug your phone into the computer.

Then put it into recovery mode.

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