iPhone Not Making Calls! 🔥 HOW TO FIX!!

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hey what's going on everyone in this

quick video I'm going to show you how

you can fix the issue of the iPhone that

is not making calls so this is

incredibly frustrating if you're trying

to get in touch with someone and your

iPhone is just refusing to make any

calls whatsoever so one of the best ways

on how to fix this is to go ahead and do

a hard restart on your iPhone device and

this is much different from just simply

turning your device off and on again as

this will remove any temporary issues or

glitches that your iPhone may be

encountering so if you have the iPhone 6

or later you can do a hard restart by

pressing the home button and the lock

screen button together for around 30

seconds or until your device restarts

and if you have the iPhone 7 you can

restart by pressing the volume down and

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