iPhone Won't Connect to iTunes? Here is the Fix!

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Hello guys, welcome back to Tenorshare channel.  When you want to manage your iPhone on iTunes,  

find out that your iPhone won’t connect to iTunes.  In other words, iTunes on your computer can’t  

recognize your iPhone. Get confused and don’t  know what to do? There must be something wrong  

with the connection. So in today’s video. I’ll  show you how to figure it out. Let’s dive in. 

The first thing I suggest is to check your  Lighting cable and the USB port of your computer.  

I know many of you may not use the cable that is  verified. With that being said, I still recommend  

you to use the Apple original lightning cable  to connect your iPhone to computer. And also,  

check your USB port is available or  not. If not, change one, and try again. 

The second trick that is worth trying, is to  restart your iPhone and computer. Restart iPhone  

can fix lots of issues, when iTunes not detecting  your iPhone when plugged in, it might be a good  

choice. Also, you can reboot your computer  as this will restart the USB port as well. 

You can also consider checking Apple Mobile Device  Support. On your PC, search for control panel.  

And click uninstall a program.  

Check that apple mobile support is listed in the  current programs or not. If you can’t find it. You  

need to reinstall your iTunes on computer. Or on  your iTunes, check for the newest update for it.  

And later your problem will be solved. Also, sometimes it may not your iTunes  

problem but comes to your iPhone.  Here I’ve got a simple trick for you,  

which has been proved worked by many users. Go  to settings on your iPhone. And tap general.  

And tap reset. And tap reset location & privacy.  This won’t cause any data loss on your iPhone.  

So just go ahead. After resetting. Reconnect  your iPhone to the computer. And you’ll see  

a pop-up window showing like this, asking you to  trust this computer or not. Tap trust of course.  

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