Why Your iPhone's Battery Dies So Fast

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iPhones have some of the longest-lasting batteries in the industry, thanks to software and hardware


But if your iPhone burns through its battery capacity in just an hour or two, there could

be a few reasons why.

First, is the battery’s age.

Modern electronics like iPhones have rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that lose capacity over


In fact, if you recharge your phone everyday, it’s battery may only last a couple years

before losing its ability to hold a charge for more than a few hours.

Forcing you to carry around a charging cable to prevent your iPhone from randomly shutting


You can fix this by visiting an Apple Store and paying fifty to seventy dollars for a

battery replacement.

Second, is your iPhone’s signal strength.

If you only have one or two lines showing up in the status bar, that means the connection

your iPhone has to its cellular network is weak.

This forces the phone to amplify the signal and maintain a usable connection.

Which takes significantly more power compared to having three or four network bars.

Now a cell signal can become weak when you’re far away from a cell tower, but it can also

happen when there’s high congestion.

So when you’re at a sports game, concert, or in a high-density area, everyones phones