iPhone 7 & 8: No Service / Searching... / Invalid Sim / No Sim Card (FIXED!)

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hey what is going on guys so you have a

iPhone 7 iPhone 8 8 plus 7 plus and you

have an issue where it's not reading

your network card or your SIM card

basically it says up here no service or

is constantly saying searching I'm gonna

give you a bunch of different methods to

get your iPhone back up and running

sometimes it takes one of these methods

sometimes it's a combination of two or

three methods to get it to start working

first thing is this go ahead and turn

your phone off press and hold the power

button or the sleep button here go ahead

and slide it off wait about 10 seconds

then go ahead and power the phone back

on and then from here hopefully you see

your network name or your bars that you

know you're up and running if yours not

working next thing I want you to do is

grab your sim ejection tool here you can