How to Enable Black&White Display in APPLE iPad Pro 11 (2020) - Monochromacy Screen

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here at Apple iPad pro 11 from 2020 and

let me show you how does it black and

white display on the floating device so

at first you have to open the settings

and then find and select accessibility

it's right here and then go to this

plain text size and over here you have

to locate and open color filters and if

you'd like to apply black and white not

just appear on color filters and now

you've got the grayscale obviously you

can pick some other option if you want

to but as for the black and white option

we have to stay at grayscale and so it

will look like so this is it now you can

use your phone and black and white

display you can smoothly enjoy this way

of usage and whenever you would like to

go back to the standard mode just open

the settings go to the accessibility

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