FIX your slow internet speed and slow WiFi connection issues with this troubleshooting guide

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my internet is so slow and my ISP is

absolute but before you rush out and

blame your ISP in a lot of cases is

actually your network that's the problem

so how do you know how do you know if

you're the problem or how do you know if

your ISP is actually to blame well

before you pick up the phone and find

customer services don't worry I got you

let me show you how to troubleshoot your

own network let's do it tick with the

techie guy my name is Lee run second

where I make ticks simple if you're into

phones gadget apps tips and tricks on

how to hit that subscribe button and

let's get on to today's show okay well

before we begin let's just be clear

about one thing you're not gonna get

more speed than you pay for if I'm

paying for a hundred megabits per second

I should be getting as close to 100