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what's going on guys welcome back to a

brand new video um this is probably a

blast from the plot blast from the past

or if you're new to my channel

welcome i made one of these videos

literally years ago now with my fiesta

st my original mark 71 i've got the mark

8 here with us today and we're going to

be doing car insurance we're going to

talk insurance but not only we do that

like last time i'm not doing the same

video again i'm going to have my screen

recording on my phone and compare the

market showing you how to save money in

your car insurance because still i get

so many dms and people ask me even just

close friends ask me how to save car

insurance and i do quotes them and help

them save money mounds of people that

ask for is ridiculous so i'm actually

gonna be showing you a full-on guide on

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