My 2019 Property Purchases REVEALED | Samuel Leeds

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hey what's up my name's Samuel Leeds and

in this video I'm gonna be explaining to

you and exposing and revealing exactly

what I personally bought and invested in

property wise in 2019 so this is the

kind of stuff that people tell me not to

put out my business mentors my property

mentors my advisers my solicitors say so

don't tell people what you bought this

year that's kind of personal you need to

keep some things to yourself well you

know what maybe it is but on this video

I'm going to tell you everything I'm

gonna tell you about the three HMOs that

I bought where I bought them and what

the figures were I'm gonna tell you

about the piece of land that I bought

which we're building six houses on from

scratch give you the figures and where

it is the to beat our our our deals buy

refurbish refinance rent where I bought