What to do if I have milky water - Welsh Water

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milking water is usually down to air

getting into the system tiny air bubbles

can form in the water as it's drawn from

the tap can they get the milky or cloudy

appearance you will see him water with

air bubbles is perfectly safe to drink

air can get into the water pipes in

various ways sometimes when we've been

working on the water mains in the street

the amount of air water can whole

depends on his temperature the colder it

is the more chance air bubbles will

appear which is why you are more likely

to see milky looking water in the winter

months so if it happens in your home

what do you do here's a glass test you

can do to see if the milky appearance is

down to air bubbles fill a glass of cold

water from the tap see if it clears from

the bottom to the top if it does this

indicates the milkiness is due to air

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