Furnace Not Blowing Hot Air - Easy Fix

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hey guys Jay here with word of advice TV

so today after lunch my wife calls me up

at about one o'clock and tells me I just

came home and it's 61 degrees in the

house I'm thinking shoot I'm only going

to come home at like 6 o'clock it's

gonna get even colder by then so I tell

her okay just go down to the furnace and

tell me what it's doing and she says

there's no flames that glow thing is not

glowing nothing's really working up on

top but the fan is running so I tell her

all right can you look in the sight

glass on the bottom door and tell me if

you see anything that she says yes I do

see a light inside the sight glass I

tell her okay that's great now if you

could just count how many times as

blinking and let me know and she was

counting it you know one two three four

pause one two three four so I was