Get to know anxiety: racing heart

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as a child I was extremely shy I was

extremely anxious about things at school

participating in schools so I just

thought that was quite normal to be like

that and to avoid circumstances I think

before my first major panic attack I

actually remember being probably 18 19

being with some friends at a cinema and

feeling my heart beating and thinking

that it wasn't quite right and my first

instinct was that could I be possibly

having a heart attack I kept feeling the

pulse rate going for the entirety of the

movie to make sure I was still ticking

so um then in my early 20s I was

probably about 19 19 20

I woke up one morning and my first

feeling waking up was my heart my heart

feeling like it was jumping out of my

body racing a million miles an hour

again my innate thought was my natural

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