Why is my heart beating fast?

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There are all sorts of rhythm problems that can cause simple things like

palpitations others can be life-threatening others can cause people

to pass out so treatment options can be anywhere from observation to medication

to an ablation to a pacemaker to a defibrillator to a blood thinner to

combination of all that so it's it can get pretty complex depending on the

rhythm problem and the patient's and other structural problems they have with

their heart if any. So arrhythmia just means abnormal heart rhythm. It can be

too slow it can be too fast but there's something abnormal for example fast

heart rate going up a flight of stairs is normal physiologic or if you're

sitting here watching TV and your heart goes from 70 to 180 well that's an

arrhythmia and so fast heart rate as well. There are a lot of rhythm problems

that are can run in families but it's not like the color of your eyes, which

are definitely passed down from generation to generation but I think the

key to that is if you have symptoms then you should see a physician to help with

the diagnosis just to ensure it's not something more serious.