How to treat hair thinning in front part of the scalp? - Dr. Nischal K

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hello I am dr. Mitchell practicing as a

cosmetic dermatologist

at Niren skin and hair clinic Vijay

Nagar Bangalore thinning in the frontal

hairline is commonly hormonal that is

what is called as androgenetic alopecia

so mainly here we need to reduce the

hormone effect on the head and also we

need to stimulate the hair product many

a times in addition to this there is a

component of traction here for example

in women or in guys who grow long hair

and who put a pony where now there is

lot of traction on these heads that can

also give rise to lot of pain loss in

these situations they go for a receiving

frontal hairline which may be permanent

whenever it is because of the androgenic

alopecia not only there is frontal

decision but also there is vertical

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