Receding Hairline: Causes And Remedies – Dr.Berg

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so today we're gonna talk about receding hairline what to do about it okay like

one day you're like what you're looking at me or going what is happening to my

hair I'm losing my hair two reasons one is that you have higher levels of

something called 5-alpha reductase this is an enzyme this enzyme converts

testosterone into a more powerful form of testosterone called DHT and this can

definitely burn out the hair follicles and also on top as well

okay second reason is higher androgens that aren't necessarily caused by this

increase in this enzyme but your androgens are just higher okay androgens

are male hormones but females have antigens but not in the quantities that

males have if a female has too much androgens she's going to get facial hair

acne because of the enlargement of the sebaceous gland or the oil gland and

large learnings what's that going to do it's gonna drop the voice a deeper voice

axillary hairs armpit hair and a female this is called polycystic ovarian

syndrome or disorder okay so how do we reduce 5 alpha reductase this enzyme

what you do is you take a natural 5 alpha reductase inhibitor zinc is at the

top of the list and if you think about it zinc is also really important in your

immune system okay so if you have alopecia for example which is an

autoimmune condition this would be very very important in which case you would

want to also add vitamin D in large quantities okay number two omega-3

fatty acids number three vitamin b2 all three of these can inhibit this enzyme

and lessen the amount of DHT being produced all right next one androgens how