Your Hair DOESN'T Hold A Curl? WATCH THIS!!!

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doesn't it suck when you spend all this

time doing your hair and it just won't

hold a curl it's annoying today i'm

going to demystify why your hair won't

hold a curl and then i'm going to give

you some techniques on what you can do

to fix the aid old question of why the

hell won't my hair stay curly let's

start with the reasons why reason number

one is moisture and now moisture can be

categorized into several different

subcategories the first subcategory i

want to talk about is hair

moisture so if your hair has too much

moisture in it it's not going to hold a

curl now when we talk about moisture we

have to talk about hair in two different

ways we have the hair that's dry damaged

that's been through a lot of heat

processing that's been through a lot of

chemical processing and that also has a

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