Why Hair Gets GREASY SO FAST & What You Can Do About It | skip2mylou

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I'm thinking that maybe I'm going to try

to not wash my hair for an entire week

you know to my Lou my darling hi guys

its Lou in today's video we are going to

talk about greasy hair and that's not


those of us with greasy hair might

consider ourselves as having an oily

scalp and some of us get that oily scalp

a little faster than others I love the

feeling of freshly washed hair but for

me that doesn't last very long it

literally takes less than a day for my

hair to start showing signs of being

greasy well lately I have been looking

up what causes this and what we can do

about it and it turns out there's quite

a few things first let's get dry shampoo

out of the way yeah dry shampoo works

but it only works a little and for not

very long at least in my experience I