6 Common Guinea Pig Illnesses + How to Avoid them

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hey guys today's video are the six most

common guinea pig illnesses and how to

have liked them as guinea pigs are prey

animals they tend to hide their illness

the reason for that is that they need

the protection of the herd and a sick

guinea pig is left behind so they try to

pretend that everything's awesome

until the illness has progressed quite a

bit and sometimes unfortunately it's

simply too late so it's important to be

aware of the most common illnesses in

order to take your guinea pig to the vet

as soon as possible preferably before

they show the worst symptoms which are

not eating at all isolating themselves

and not moving so let's get into the

video number one teeth problems like

most rodents a guinea pigs teeth grow

continually and they are worn down by

the amount of hanging a guinea pig eats