How to Use Google Maps Offline (+ a BETTER option) | Offline maps and navigation app

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today i'm going to show you how to use

google maps offline and download your

own maps in 60 seconds or less then i'll

show you another free offline maps and

navigation app that might actually work

even better than google maps and finally

we'll cover one big reason why you may

want to avoid downloading maps at all so

stick to the end let's go


offline maps are super handy if you plan

to travel abroad and don't want to roam

or buy a local data plan if you just

need to survive until you can buy that

local data plan or if you're traveling

to places where you might lose service

like on road trips or visiting national

parks or off on remote islands or

whatnot in fact downloading google maps

offline once saved us from getting lost

out in the middle of the desert so let's