How to treat a floating bloated Goldfish with a swim bladder disorder with Dr Loh Fish veterinarian

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hi I'm dr. Richmond low fish pet fish so

today we've got Ruby here you can see

it's actually a heel rather than a

shitty I guess when they're young you

can't really tell they're a he or she

anyway we'll get back to it roomie here

as you can see she's struggling with

buoyancy disorder you can see that she's

actually positively buoyant she means

that she's loading up to the surface so

really wait a little bit and watch her

you can see that she does struggle a

little bit

quite often she's upside down on her

back she looks like she's half dead but

let's concede they they do struggle

quite a bit and having fish that

positively boy it's better wear them out

the lockers they are fish in water they

need to be in water and they can't be

exposed to the air when they expose the