Why do Goldfish Change Color?

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all right in this video we're gonna talk

about why your goldfish might be

changing colors coming up alright so

when it comes to goldfish changing

colors there's a couple big reasons why

they change colors number one which i

think is the most likely maybe not

but in a lot of cases changing colors is

simply because of age you don't really

know what you're gonna get until the

goldfish is older that's just kind of

how goldfish are number two the goldfish

could be having problems there could be

ammonia problems in you fish tank which

black blotchy spots is black blotchy

spots say that time times flash is a

sign of like ammonia burns maybe ammonia

burns healing things like that and you

can see that my goldfish here does have

some black spots on it now when I bought

this fish when I saw online it did have

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