I Have A Clingy Girlfriend : What Should I Do?

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hi everyone I'm Allen haff want the I am

your dating and relationship coach

founder of Apollonia

and I am your coach for you men to match

your attraction skills build the

confidence overall for your love lives

and for your dating lives as well

in today's video we're going to talk

about clingy girlfriend I was requested

from a viewer to do a video about a

clingy girlfriend and typically when you

have a clean your girlfriend it's

because you're getting to a point where

you're just like this is too much I love

her but I can't continue to be around

this I need to get her to change and

understand this as well so we're going

to do for you in this video is I'm gonna

break down the reasons why a woman

typically is clingy with her boyfriend

and then how you as a man can assert