GE dryer making squealing, grinding, loud sound Step by Step diagnosing problem

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hey guys today we're kind of talking

about a GE dryer it's making a grinding

noise when it runs or while squealing

noise when it runs towards the front of

the machine it's basically when it

sounds coming from it's most likely

going to be the front bearing kid on

which gives that kit to check it real

quick if it's already ground through

I've seen several that the drums have

actually ground all the way through the

kit and then ground through the metal

bore you've let it run for quite a while

that's still fixable you want to get

metal aluminum tape and cover it after

you put the new kit on it and cover a

few times you may want to paint it white

to make it look good again but you will

have to patch it so it doesn't catch and

snag on your clothes but it's very

difficult to do don't let it get to that

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